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There are many ways to tackle the problem of a blocked DPF, none quite like the BG Products 9300 machine though.



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 Why is it different?

The BG 9300 machine cleans the DPF while still on the car using a specially designed fitting, heated fluid is delivered through the throttle body and cleans as it passes through the intake of the engine. The combination of restricting air flow into the engine, the heated induction fluid and adjustments to the throttle creates heat in the DPF as it would during a regeneration that would normally be carried out by the car. This heat is then controlled at 550 degrees and above which is the minimum heat required to burn off soot, temperature and differential pressure sensors are constantly monitored allowing the technician to observe the process.

Depending on the engine size this first stage of the process can take up to an hour to complete, the vehicle is then road tested.

BG’s 244K is added to the fuel tank which is designed to clean the fuel system and restore the spray pattern improving combustion. Best results are with a full tank of fuel allowing the 244K to dilute a large volume of fuel gives a more thorough cleaning process.




DPF Delete Hertfordshire

Once the first stage as been completed

Once the first stage as been completed an oil flush is added and the vehicle is run for up to 40 minutes. This is designed to breakdown the carbon build up around the piston rings restoring compression. Oil and filter is then changed and BG DOC added to boost the oils ability to hold carbon and prevent it being deposited around the engine.

We often see DPF problems being misdiagnosed.

If a DPF as become blocked it can be due to another problem preventing the DPF from starting or correctly finishing a regeneration. For this reason we offer a free code read so we can then discuss with you the best approach to fix the problem. So feel free to make an appointment and one of our technicians will read the fault codes and discuss with you the best option to repair your car. Free of charge!


What do I do now?


For more information on DPF Solutions in Hertfordshire give us a call on 01438 829000 to book your car in, we are not able to diagnose over the phone and would not suggest you visit another garage before us, it will not help you if a garage has cleared the codes hoping it was just a computer glitch!

We Can Offer You

  • Free code read and advise on DPF issues
  • Remap for EGR off and O2 off
  • Remap for performance or economy
  • Replacement DPF
  • DPF cleaning

Give us a call now to discuss your requirements 01438 829000.

DPF Problems have become more common which are going to be due to how you use the vehicle or an issue either blocking the DPF or preventing it from regenerating. We have below information which will give you an overview of the world of DPF’s, alternatively, you are welcome to contact us for advice with no obligation.

Want to know more?

Why as the DPF Blocked?
  • Some engine management fault codes will prevent the regeneration process and it is a matter of time until the DPF becomes blocked
  • The regeneration process requires steady speed of un interrupted driving to allow the regeneration process to work. Local driving is generally not enough of an opportunity for the car to regenerate.
  • Wrong engine oil
  • Oil contamination into the DPF
Recent Examples of misdiagnosis

We have come across a real mixed bag of faults which have all come to us under the banner of a ‘DPF fault’ below are a few recent examples.

A BMW X3 diagnosed by a main dealer as needing the cylinder head decoking and DPF replacement, turned out to be a turbo fault and the DPF was fine. After paying £500 for just a diagnosis, and being given an estimation of £4000 he was pleased to have the car back on the road for less than half the main dealers estimated cost!

A Skoda Fabia kept being force regenerated by main dealer who overlooked low fuel pressure code, now fuel pressure problem resolved by changing the fuel filter,  the car regenerates all by itself.

A Toyota Avensis before coming to us had already had a turbo changed and 2 x DPF’s fitted. Turned out to be carbon blocking one of the differential pipes causing a misreading pressure sensor. The misdiagnosis had cost the customer over £3000 before he came to us! Facebook link

A Toyota Avensis that had been diagnosed as needing a new DPF, when we attemted to clean the real problem came to light of a fault EGR valve. With a temporary fix to blank the EGR we successfully cleaned the DPF and replaced the EGR. Facebook Link

DPF Removal

The Law has changed!

The government has introduced a change to the MOT as from 16th February 2014. If a diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been removed from a car that had one fitted as standard it will fail the MOT. This is a visual check only for the presence of the DPF and catalytic converter.

Notice issued to MOT stations

On 16th February 2014 Section 7.1 of the inspection manual will be amended to include a check for the presence of catalysts and particulate filters on diesel powered vehicles.  Any vehicle where a catalytic converter or particulate filter is missing where one was fitted as standard will fail the test.

If you are planning to export or use the vehicle for ‘off road use only’ in other words do not require to have the vehicle MOT tested then you can still consider having the DPF removed. We would recommend though you carry out your own research on this.

Comparing the 9300's to other methods
  • Removing the DPF and sending for cleaning can be an expensive process, some can take up to a day to remove and refit!
  • The 9300’s ability to put the car into a regeneration allows the process to be checked. Other processes that introduce cleaning fluid in front of the DPF tend to clean only an area for the fluid to escape.
  • No other process cleans the intake system, fuel system, oil and reduces carbon throughout the engine.
Frank Massey on the BG DPF & Emissions Service

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