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Independent Specialist for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat

We are one of only a few independent garages in the UK who have registered with the VW Group. We have access to information online and diagnostics through Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS), enabling us to diagnose faults in the same manner as a main dealer.

Although we specialise in the four brands above we have offered diagnostic on all makes for many years. Working with other garages in the Stevenage and surrounding areas, we often take on the more in depth diagnostics. As a company we continue to invest in training and equipment to resolve problems first time.

We carry out a fixed fee assessment. This gives us the opportunity to talk to you to understand the complaint, if applicable read the fault codes (DTC) and check the manufacturers technical service bulletins (TSB) for known faults. Then using the evidence and the information to decide the best diagnostic approach to locate and fix the fault.

Our Process

Diagnostic takes many forms: from the Engine Management Light (EML) being on, a heater not working, an airbag light through to an annoying squeak when you go over bumps! The variety is huge, but with the right process we aim to fix problems first time and in the shortest time frame possible.

Prior to coming, avoid clearing the fault code(s) from the cars control units especially the Engine Control Unit (ECU), although you may have made a note of the fault code there is other information stored within the ECU which can aid reaching a diagnosis.

We can book either a morning appointment or an afternoon appointment.

We offer diagnostic services on all makes and models of cars. So if you see a warning light make us your first call.

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