LPG Servicing, Diagnostic, Repair and Certification

We offer LPG service and repair on a selection of LPG systems. We no longer offer conversion to LPG but having been in the industry for over 15 years in which time we have gained the expertise to carry out servicing and repairs.

As a UKLPG certified organisation we can carry out inspections to add your vehicle to the UKLPG register. The UKLPG register has replaced the need for an installation certificate and is being used by insurance companies in growing numbers to check your vehicle has been converted to the standard of the Code of Practise.

If you are experiencing running issues with your LPG system have a look at the helpful tips below.




Helpful Tips

Ignition System

The ignition system on a vehicle will comprise of spark plugs, coil and on some cars ignition leads. When running on LPG these components are working harder than on petrol as LPG is harder to ignite. Consequently it is quite common to have a running issue such as missing, hesitation, poor idle and poor economy to mention a few which may or may not be accompanied with the engine management light (EML) illuminated on the dash.

Cooling System

The majority of LPG systems rely on a connection to the vehicles cooling system to provide heat to the regulator unit. The purpose of this is to combat the generated by the process of converting the LPG stored in the tank in liquid form to a vapour prior to being piped into the engine. A lack of constant flow of hot water can either cause the LPG system to turn back to petrol of cause running issues possible accompanied with the smell of LPG. Another tell tale sign that the coolant is low could be a reduction of heat from your heater.

Smell of LPG

You need to take this one seriously and I would suggest picking the phone up and speaking to a technician and obviously switching it off of LPG. It isn’t something we will try and diagnose over the phone.

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