4 Ways to Give Your Car a Personal Touch
16 Oct 2017

4 Ways to Give Your Car a Personal Touch

Having your own car is like having your own personal space. Adapt it in a way that suits your style. This may be getting an air freshener you love or by having the windows tinted or even the engine remapped. If you want your engine remapped, car tuning in Hertfordshire will remap your vehicle making it more efficient and adding that personal touch to your car!



Wrapping your car gives you the chance to have your preferred colour car. The wrap can be any colour you desire and doing it offers many benefits to the vehicle. The process requires the wrap to sit on top of the car’s original paintwork; protecting it from scratches, dents and chips in the paint. If you get your car wrapped but at some point decide you don’t want it anymore, it is easy to remove. Removing a wrap is just as easy as it is to put on! It will just peel off and reveal the original paintwork underneath.



Window tinting is an excellent way of increasing your privacy. Car window tinting will allow you to feel secure in your car as it will restrict people’s view in. To have the windows tinted on your car isn’t overly expensive and is fairly beneficial as it lasts a long time. The tint is easily applied and removed, therefore, not causing a hassle during either process.



Having your vehicle remapped offers a load of benefits. A remap will increase the power in your vehicle enabling it to have better torque and throttle response. Alongside this, you will also find that it increases your miles per gallon and reduces the number of greenhouse gases your vehicle produces. ECU remapping in Hertfordshire has expert mechanics who will professionally remap your car providing it with more power.


New Tyres

Recently bought a new car and want to make it your own? New tyres will offer your vehicle a smoother drive. The tyres will be significantly more grippy on the road as they will never have been used before. This makes the car safer and enhances the car’s performance. They will allow you the chance to make your car feel brand new and give it the opportunity to perform to the highest of its ability.