Engine Carbon Cleaning
04 Jun 2019

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Engine decarbonisation – The Facts and the Myths

It seems the latest trend in the car world is cleaning your engine of carbon, but do they all do what they say?

Not one treatment can tackle all areas that have become built up and some are certainly more effective that others, it would also be naive to think that an hour’s treatment for the all-inclusive price of £59.99! will undo thousands of miles of driving.

Carbon will build up within a diesel engine and to a lesser degree a petrol engine, the reason is partly due to the continuing pursuit of reduced tail pipe emissions. The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves (EGR) function is to recycle the exhaust back through the engine under certain driving conditions to reduce the level of oxygen burnt, the result is a build up of carbon through the manifold and EGR valve.

With injectors mounted in the combustion chamber they along with pistons and piston rings are subject to a carbon build up due to the combustion process, this build up on the injector’s effects the spray pattern and the build-up on the piston rings can affect compression. Along with fuel quality and town driving your engine is crying out for a bit of TLC!

There is no single solution unfortunately, in an ideal world keeping carbon at bay would start from when the car is new. In the UK the use of additives isn’t supported by the manufacturers so most cars have at least 3 years of carbon build up. One manufacturer has investigated the level of carbon build up within their engines but has not taken action as although it is high does not have an effect until after the end of the 3 year warranty, a judgement call which will affect your MPG and efficiency.

So how best to proceed?

Treating the carbon build up on the piston rings and on the injector nozzle can be tackled by an in-tank treatment and an oil flush prior to an oil change. BG Products offer such a treatment and coupled with the oil conditioner they offer an MPG guarantee!

Having tested here at Herts Auto Tek with BG Products and Garage Wire Magazine the results were amazing. These are the products we recommend.

We tested the treatments on a petrol engine family saloon after the oil flush and oil change we saw an increase of compression on one cylinder double! Giving better performance and more MPG. It was the sort of result that you question if you did the initial compression test correctly but returning to work the next day the owner had nothing but praise say it had transformed his car.

In summary any engine will benefit from having the carbon buildup within it tackled, some of the approaches offered to resolve these issues won’t live up to their claim. Each area affected by carbon will potentially need a certain type of treatment, knowing what you are tackling before you start will minimise risk and allow you to benchmark the results.

You can start to tackle areas of carbon build up as part of your servicing schedule or come straight in for an initial assessment.

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