Why Should You Get an EGR Delete?
16 Aug 2017

Why Should You Get an EGR Delete?

EGRs are quite effective and are good at reducing the amount of Nitrogen Oxide emitted by a car. Getting an EGR delete in Hertfordshire will enable your vehicle to be much more eco-friendly as soot and carbon deposits won’t build up nor will the engine overheat. Having your exhaust gas recirculation valve removed will enable your car to have cleaner emissions, save you from an EGR replacement or a DPF failure, restored MPG and better engine power.  


What is an EGR?

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions released into the atmosphere, it does this by regulating the flow of exhaust gas. From doing this, it means that when there’s less oxygen available, there will be a better chemical reaction in the cylinders which makes the car more efficient. This system, in turn, will reduce the heat of your combustion allowing your vehicle’s engine to run smoothly without both overheating or having to work harder.


An EGR removal in Hertfordshire can be done by blanking off the exhaust input and then reprogramming the ECU. Doing this will mean that carbon deposits and oil contamination will be reduced further improving the condition of the engine and extending its life. There’ll be an improved throttle response, improved economy and it will lower the temperature of the engine, again improving the condition of the engine. Lower engine temperature will also increase the safety of the car. If the engine gets too hot, it will result in the engine oil breaking down rapidly making it lose its viscosity and lubricity. If an engine keeps overheating, then it will eventually lead to the engine no longer working.


Removing the exhaust gas recirculation cylinder will eliminate the need for any maintenance that may need to be done. Carbon deposits and soot will often build up in the cylinder, and when this happens, the car will need to be booked into the garage to have it cleaned. If you were to have the exhaust gas recirculation cylinder removed, you wouldn’t be required to keep taking it to the garage. In the long run, the removal will save you money, and your car will be healthier as a result.