Improving Your MPG
08 Aug 2017

Improving Your MPG

The miles per gallon in your car will indicate how economical it is. A high MPG is good because it suggests that you will do plenty of miles per gallon of fuel. To further improve the MPG of your car, ECU remapping in Hertfordshire will remap the engine making it more economically efficient.


Drive Smoothly

When driving, consider how hard you accelerate when changing gear and how fast you accelerate to get to speed. Over-revving the engine will burn fuel unnecessarily, wasting your money and lowering your MPG. Keep a steady foot when changing gear and gradually accelerate to get to speed. Doing this will mean you the engine won’t be over-revved.     


Lessen the Load

A heavy car has to work harder to perform as you want. With an unnecessary weight in the car, it will require the vehicle to pull more using more engine power and more fuel. To solve this issue, go through your car and remove the items that you don’t need in there. These could be things such as bags, books or jackets.  


Cruise Control

From driving, at a smooth, constant speed you will save money and improve your fuel economy. Cruise control will assist with this! It is a growing gadget in cars that enables you to set a speed, and once it’s set, you won’t be able to exceed it. Not only does this ensure you don’t speed, but it will also lower the amount of fuel you burn as you won’t be using more than is required.  


Tune the Engine

Having your engine tuned will increase its power and improve your fuel efficiency. ECU tuning in Hertfordshire will enhance your car’s performance and torque. You’ll notice a significant increase in speed and power, optimising your car’s engine.  


Adequate Inflation of Tyres

You wouldn’t necessarily think that tyres have an influence on the fuel consumption of the car, but they do! Under-inflated tyres result in the car having to work harder as there isn’t as much support. Keep an eye on your tyre pressure, if the car begins to drive a little differently than normal then get the tyre pressure checked as under-inflation will also affect the safety of your driving.