Project TT
02 May 2019

Project TT

With our love for everything VAG we purchased from the auctions last year a 2003 Audi TT. Not reaching the reserve price we were left to negotiate an increase in our bid to win the TT.

Sticking to our budget we came up a bit closer to the sellers reserve, after all it had a private plate included with the obligatory ‘TT’ within the registration.

Deal reached we had the TT delivered via recovery truck given it was bought unseen although the only reported damage was light body damage to the rear nearside arch.

Unfortunately the reality of the TT was something quite different, given that there was still a number of months left on the MOT it was in a very poor mechanical state.

Apart from being a real fan of the classic shape of the TT the wish to own one was based around having a test bed for putting into practise the wealth of upgrades available for not just the TT but the majority of the VAG range.

If you follow us on Facebook you will remember the Audi TT 240 sport we carried out a few suspension upgrades last year, impressed with the difference to the drive post the work it seemed to re enforce our choice.

Anyway the reality of what we bought is a far cry from a standard TT let alone the fun drive and occasional use track day car we hoped to create.

On to the ramp to check it over revealed a multitude of issues and rather than dwell on it as it still upsets me I will just list it as quick as possible (helps with the pain).

Front brakes, nearside front shock absorber, offside rear broken coil spring, ARB ‘D’ bushes, steering rack bolt sheared off,bent/damaged power steering cooling pipes, both front c.v joints, nearside lower ball joint, damaged engine vacuum line, broken and blowing exhaust, 2 tyres.

So with the above corrected and a fresh MOT, we have tidy car that drives not to shabby! We have repaired the bodywork and even refurb alloys but apart from a slight drop in suspension height, upgraded front brakes, upgraded front top mount bushes and of course a remap the car is standard.

So what to do next? There are further modifications to improve the handling and obviously the brakes before we look at the performance side.

Restoring quality cars to their optimum is a passion of ours but you can’t beat taking a good car and making it better, so follow our ‘TT’ project on our Facebook page.