Remapping Frequently Asked Questions  
26 Sep 2017

Remapping Frequently Asked Questions  

What is The Difference Between Chip Tuning and a Remap?

Chip tuning is the older version of a remap. If you have an older car and want to have it remapped, then the car will be chip tuned. The effects are the same, however, with chip tuning the chip (EPROM) needs to be removed from the circuit board and programmed using a chip reader.

If you want your car remapped but have an OBD port, then chip tuning in Hertfordshire will be able to help. They will professionally tune your car, allowing your car’s performance to be improved.

A remap is carried out on modern cars and is added to the software through the cars computer – ECU (Engine Control Unit). The program is downloaded, and once the coding changes have been made to the software, it is then uploaded to the ECU.   


Should You Tell The Insurance Company?

Telling the insurance company about a remap is completely your decision. The insurance company won’t be able to see the remap, however, if you claim on the insurance and they find out, then you might not be fully covered as you haven’t specified the remap on the insurance policy.


Can it Be Reversed?

Yes, it can! A remap is reversible, and it is possible to have the upgrade removed. Most garages will keep the original file of your car just in case you decide that you want to have it reversed.


Is it Worthwhile?

For most people getting a remap is considered worthwhile; however, it does depend on your preference. A remap comes with plenty of benefits for the car and you.

Remapping your vehicle will allow you to have an improved miles per gallon, therefore, making it more fuel efficient. This essentially means it will be an investment because you won’t be required to fill up as regularly, and as a result, will be spending less money on fuel.

Along with the remap being economically friendly, it is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide the car releases. The better the miles per gallon of the car of means that you don’t need to refuel as regularly. This results in fewer CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Finally, you’ll find that having a remap will give your car more power and you will experience a much smoother drive.


Want to have your car remapped? ECU remapping in Hertfordshire has professional experts who will remap your vehicle and offer you a range of benefits.