How often do you fly in a bespoke Aeroplane ?
14 Jun 2018

How often do you fly in a bespoke Aeroplane ?

If you are anything like me as soon as the sun comes out or maybe the snow if you are  a ski buff my thoughts turn to planning trips away. Of course some of these will involve driving but many will involve flying. Now picture this how would you react if on check in the airline staff said ‘Your lucky today we have been fiddling with the plane overnight and think we have just about got it right a couple more pounds of thrust and it takes off a little quicker we haven’t run it past those boys at Boeing but  what do they know !

I think rightly so you would be a little unnerved.

The same analogy applies to bespoke mapping for your car. Our mapping services are backed up by thousands of hours of development and are optimised and tested against a wide range of variables and are guaranteed to work. However we often get clients who request a bespoke map as some sort of holy grail in enhancing a cars performance. It is rather like my aeroplane analogy. Today’s cars are complex machines that are already optimised. Our blueprint maps take that optimisation as a baseline and through careful research and testing enhance the performance of your car using known effective configurations and then check that with controlled testing using amongst other things a rolling road environment.

How are bespoke maps achieved – actually with exactly the same process just minus the vast database, expertise and investment – see where I am going with this ?

A bespoke map is more than likely a standard blueprint map that is tweaked to enhance a parameter usually power – but when and where in the torque curve ? that’s a whole blog in itself. In reality unless you run a competitive racing team you are unlikely to have the time or money to invest in rolling road time, technician time and data capture diagnostics to improve on a readily available blueprint map.

So why do people bother ? In truth it is probably a throwback to the mechanical tuning era when a hands on approach really could enhance a car’s performance. Mechanical tolerances being what they were – means each physical engine was different (much more so than today with the tighter tolerances available through robotic manufacture). Today’s complex machine is effectively a computer on wheels and the biggest gains are made by adjusting digital inputs through the CPU which effectively is what a remap allows.

In the end you could spend thousands chasing a couple of BHP that in reality will be unnoticeable during actual driving. There being so many more variables from tyres and wheel geometry  to gearbox programming and fuel used. Of course and dare I say it driver skill will play a large part…..

So sit back and relax let Herts Autotek blueprint map your car for enhanced performance, better fuel economy and a smooth take off every time.